"Where is there happiness amongst all the people? When feasters in the house, sitting in rows, can listen to a singer, while beside them tables are full of bread and meat, and a waiter brings wine from brimming bowls and fills their cups: this seems to me in my heart to be the best of all!"

- Odysseus to his host Alcinous in Homer, Odyssey IX


Our foods are authentic and deliciously tasty

Some come straight from ancient papyri and lost books of the old, others a fusion of ancient with the modern, and all are homemade and handmade.

We use the best quality ingredients everywhere

From organic flour and vegetables to meat and fish; all are locally sourced from farmers around London. Even our bread is home baked according to a twenty-five century old recipe.

We reflect on the philosophy of "I eat therefore I am"

This means that every time we feed you, we are making you who you are. This is a huge responsibility placed on our Stove and we take it very seriously. All our dishes are nutritionally balanced and we do not use any artificial flavourings or preservatives. All our ingredients are fresh. They are selected and used with a focus on health and quality.


An Ancient Greek Symposium

November 10th, 2016

We are pleased to announce that next week, 17th of November we will be hosting one last Ancient Greek supper club before Christmas; this time in East London’s best cafe, Hand, in Stratford! Come and join us for an unusual, delicious feast, with original recipes from 2500 years ago and using only ingredients found back then!

Book your tickets here: Eventbrite

Of course our ingredients will all be organic, locally sourced when possible, artisan, home made or hand made (and ethically sourced/ responsibly sourced in the case of fish! )

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Thom Ntinas

Co-Founder/ Head Chef

Thom is a food connoisseur and a professional cook. In the past he has worked in numerous restaurants in Wales, Greece and London. He started his career from the very humble beginnings of army cooking, where he accidentally volunteered to cook 3 meals a day for 1000 trainee soldiers, and has never looked back! He later went on to work in the kitchens at the legendary Abbey Road studios in London.

Thom currently has his fingers in a lot of pies. As well as cooking ancient Greek recipes in pop-up restaurants across London, he is also launching a source to table olive oil project that links Greek farmers directly to olive oil consumers, as well as constantly researching obscure cheeses from all over Greece. He frequently works as a freelance live and studio sound engineer.

Stathis Georgiadis

Co-Founder / Researcher

Stathis was born in Veria, Greece, though most of his adult years were lived in Athens. His studies in translation, interpretation, and applied foreign languages led him to travel extensively all over Europe.

His passions for travelling and gastronomy were brought together through the research for his acclaimed books 'Ouzo', a definitive guide to the famous Greek alcoholic beverage (Road Editions, Athens, 2008), and 'Konstantinoupoli-100 Hartografimena Simeia' [Istanbul, 100 mapped spots], a combined travel book and map of Istanbul (Road Editions, Athens, 2011).

Stathis thought he would like to be an academic and almost finished his PhD in History, in Florence, Italy. Only at the last year of his thesis did he feel the urge to quit his studies and set sail for new adventures.

In the past couple of years he has continued travelling and writing for various sites, and is currently planning his ideal guidebook about Greek restaurants while launching this new endeavour, Τhe Philosopher's Stove, alongside his best friends.

Christina Christodoulou

PR Manager

Christina joined The Philosopher's Stove about five months ago. She's doing all things PR and front-of-house.

Christina's been in the UK for 16 years. After finishing an MA in Translation from Surrey University she ventured in the exciting world of Project Management. Translation/localisation, publishing, healthcare communications, digital, creative, you name it, she's done it.

These days, apart from her involvement with The Philosopher's Stove, she's a Senior Project Manager at a brand language agency. When she doesn't crack the whip and boss people around you can find her practicing her favourite martial art: capoeira (google it - it's lots of fun).


Currently on rotation at our pop-up ancient food stalls and restaurants around London, see our Instagram photos below, and follow us there...the_philosophers_stove


Here are the establishments Philosopher's Stove has worked with...

The Life Goddess in Carnaby Street and Bloomsbury

Brown and Green in Crystal Palace

Map Cafe in Kentish Town

Al Pancino in Stockwell

Isle Of Olive in Hackney

The Mucky Pup in Islington

Appestat in Islington

Sound Camp festival at Stave Hill Ecological Park in Rotherhithe

The Russet in Hackney

Rootdown in Hackney

Muxima in Bow


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